Web development is a big term which encapsulates every aspect of website building and other related content on the internet. It is one of the fastest booming sectors in the world as on the daily basis companies require new things to be incorporated on their websites or giving it a whole new outlook as per their demand.


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Cross Web Browser Compatibility in one such aspect of web development which many times are overlooked owing to the intricacies it involves. Earlier web developers actually used to forget about such issues, it is later when they realized that their website was not actually responding in the desired manner on some of the browsers, is when the term Cross Web Browser Compatibility was coined. Web browsers tend to keep updating in their form and functionality, but there are so many users worldwide who operate on systems which are not same as per the normal standards, some still function on older web browsers as their old system support it or there are so many web browsers that a web developer cannot have the idea as to design its website in a manner which will encompass all the browsers in it.

  • Providing UI progressively

This is one of the most intelligent and budgeted formulas a web developer can adopt, it is often called with the term progressive enhancing where he can design the interface in such a manner that the people who are using the modern day browser enjoy the user interface in its full feature form, whereas the people who are using older browsers tend to get a little less on the interface feature, whereby the rest of the functionality will remain the same.

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  • Stable Standards

The web browsers will keep on changing in their form, and at times a feature which may look a bit fancy and appealing in nature on a particular web browser is just an experimental phase of that new feature on web browser and may revert back to the original form or may persist. It all depends on its usability on the user front, so changing the website interface according to it should not be on the list rather than follow a stable approach where it covers all the aspects of the existing updated feature of the browser so that users do not experience any problem and enjoys the interface in its best form.

  • Testing in Multiple Browsers

This is the last and unavoidable approach a web developer must adopt as it involves testing at the time of development in multiple browsers so as to have a safe end approach of running in multiple browsers. There are many software’s available online which charge a little amount and enables you to test on multiple browsers  so as to have a fair idea of the functionality of the websites on various browsers online.

In short, nowadays all browsers are much or same in some form or another, but still web developers cannot take risks in terms of functionality of websites on different web browser platforms, so in order to avoid the discomfort they tend to adopt ways so that the website functions smoothly on all browsers.

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